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Mister Mercury
by Peter Freestone
with David Evans
ISBN 0 9533341 0 4

Freddie Mercury
by Peter Freestone
with David Evans
ISBN 0 7119 7801 8

In my opinion it's the best book about Freddie. It has been written by his true friend. Peter Freestone was Freddie's PA for 12 years. In contrast to Jim Hutton's book written in the main about the author himself, this one is about Freddie - about his habits, tastes, and, of course, about his work - touring, composing songs, making of videos, creating of album covers. I was glad to know that both 'Rain Must Fall' and 'Bijou' were written by Freddie. Thank you very much for the book, Mr Freestone!
Review by Mark Birnage

The Freddie Mercury Story. Living On The Edge
by David Bret
ISBN 1 86105 054 2
David Bret is known as the author of biographies of Edith Piaf, Tallulah Bankhead and Morrissey. "The Freddie Mercury Story" contains a lot of useful information, for example, about Freddie's favourite singers and actors. An introduction is written by Montserrat Caballe.

Freddie Mercury. This Is The Real Life...
by David Evans and David Minns
ISBN 0-95 19937-3-9
Memories of Freddie's close friends and other people who were happy to meet him. Many interesting things about Freddie.


Freddie Mercury. The Real Life. The Truth Behind The Legend
by David Evans and David Minns
ISBN 1-9019-5300-9
The updated version of the previous book. Memories of some new persons added along with private photographs and lovely pictures of Freddie's cats drawn by Ann Ortman.

Freddie Mercury. A Kind Of Magic
by Ross Clarke
ISBN 1-874130-01-9
It's my favourite book. There is no new information, but there are many rare and interesting photos in it.
Freddie Mercury. The Definitive Biography
by Lesley-Ann Jones
ISBN 0 340 67208 0
Freddie's biography from his childhood till the death. The author spoke to very many people who had known Freddie. The book is very interesting, but some facts are doubtful and somewhere definitely false.

They died too young. Freddie Mercury
by Simon Boyce
ISBN 0-75251-105-X
A lovely small book; information is mainly taken from As It Began by J.Gunn and J.Jenkins. Nevertheless there are some rare pictures in it.
Freddie Mercury. The Show Must Go On
by Rick Sky
ISBN 0-00638-435-8

in English

ISBN 5-85029-013-3
in Russian

The first ever published book about Freddie. They say that Rick Sky had written it some months before Freddie's death. Many stories from this book were then re-telled and re-published by other authors, so now it's hard to distinguish the truth from the the fiction.
You could buy this book in English:


Mercury And Me
by Jim Hutton
with Tim Wapshott
ISBN 0-7475-1922-6
Jim Hutton was Freddie's long-time companion. It seemed to be interesting to receive information directly from one of the closest Freddie's friends, but actually the book was written by a journalist Tim Wapshott who somewhere had coloured the truth. I also can't forgive him many details concerning Freddie's illness. Freddie definitely wouldn't be happy to read such a book.
The book is out of print, but you could try to find it here

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